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International workshop on metal clusters - 2020

Moscow, Russia

IWMC - 2020

Dear participants!


Due to the continuing COVID-19 pandemic the IWMC meeting is postponed until June of 2022. The exact dates will be announced later.


Welcome to Moscow in Summer ’22!


Take care and stay safe!


Sincerely yours,

The Team of Organizers.

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Welcome to the 7th International Workshop on Metal Clusters IWMC-2020!


Started as a trilateral seminar on transition metal clusters in Rennes (2008) and following the same format in Rostock (2010), the conference has widened its scope transferring from a venue for discussing clusters of transition metals to a platform for treating broader topics of cluster chemistry. Meetings in Benicassim (2012), Novosibirsk (2014), and again in Rennes (2016) have seen contributions from the fields of polynuclear complexes, Metal-Organic Frameworks; later, in Tübingen (2018), Zintl phases and solid state extended clusters also became the focus of the seminar.


The 7th International Workshop on Metal Clusters will be held in Moscow between June 23 and 26 of 2020. It will keep the broader scope of cluster chemistry. The topics of the Workshop will include:

  • Transition metal clusters

  • Polynuclear complexes

  • Extended metal arrays

  • Zintl phases

  • Cluster synthesis and functionalization

  • Analytical and quantum mechanical methods in cluster chemistry

  • Applications of cluster compounds

Other topics are also welcome.

The conference site will be Lomonosov Moscow State University, its picturesque campus on the Sparrow Hills. All participants are invited to Chemistry Department, which celebrates its 90th anniversary in November of 2019.